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  • Fortune MP3 MOH 1200 USB

Fortune MP3 MOH 1200 USB


The MOH 1200/USB is a MP3 music on hold player which may be connected to the external music on hold port of any phone system to provide messages to callers put on hold. The MOH 1200/USB plays audio files recorded in MP3 file formats. The MOH audio content is stored in standard USB FLASH drive from 256MB up to 32GB. The MOH 1200/USB is capable of playing back standard MP3 files as well as Variable Bit Rate MP3 files from 15Kbps to a full CD-quality audio playback sampling rate of 320Kbps. Fresh audio content is easliy updated by inserting the USB flash drive into a computer’s USB port and “dragging and dropping” MP3 files in to the flash drive. The MOH 1200/USB comes with a royalty free generic on hold message and hence is ready to be used right out of the box for MOH applications.

•MP3 audio playback
•Connects to any phone system
•USB Flash Drive support up to 32GB
•Power supply through wall adaptor-10V DC-1W
•Output – Both 8 O and 600 O available
•Volume control provided on the right side of the unit.

Total Price: £149.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

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