Fibre Optic Network Installation services

faster upload and download speeds: for businesses depending on efficient handling of high volumes of data, such as financial transaction data, large backups or multimedia content, upgrading your data network to fibre optic technology can dramatically increase the efficiency and speed of your business operations, with far less maintenance and additional equipment than traditional copper infrastructure.

Fibre Optic network cable a technology that uses glass (or plastic) threads (fibres) to transmit data.

High speed and reduced data loss can be achieved over greater distances with Fibre Optic Network Installation services in London.

Fibre optic cables are less susceptible than copper cables to interference, the main backbone link between network equipment and telecommunications.

Fibre Optic Network Installation services and repair splicing on all types of fibre cable.

Single and Multimode are two basic types of fibre optic network.
Multimode types OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4 and OM5.

Single Mode is used when even greater distances are necessary.

Multimode fibre optic cable can transmit data up to distances of 550m at 1000mbps (4 to 24 core).

10 Gb Ethernet 10GBASE-SR om2 82 meters, mo3 300mtr, mo4 500mtrs

40 Gb Ethernet 40GBASE-SWDM4 om2 N/A, mo3 240mtr, mo4 350mtrs

Fibre optic Network Installation and Repair Services

Comm si networks make sure that repairs on your fibre optic network run smoothly, we use the latest fusion splicer equipment. This process refers to joining two fibre cores by melting their ends together using an electric machine and saving spice results to pdf file for the customer.

For your network to work seamlessly after fusion splicing, the process needs to be extremely accurate. This is why our engineers first use state of the art equipment to align the cores and then apply the precise amount of heat required to melt their ends.

Our skilled engineers use fusion splicing to:

  • Re-join two fibres after a breakage
  • Connect two or more cores directly through a patch cabinet
  • Keep your costs under control – fusion splicing entails less losses than joining cables through a coupler
  • Extend a cable run

Comm-si network engineers handling fibre always clean and tidy areas and dispose of the fibre off cuts safely, following H&S regulation.

We supply and install, splice, repair and test all types of fibre cabling.

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om3 fibre optic data sheet

om4 fibre optic data sheet

OM5 4 Core Fibre data sheet

fibre optic network installation London

Across London, businesses, institutions and organisations are discovering the benefits of a technology that can be utilised to design networks that can meet the demands and challenges of a global city.

Fibre optic network installations in London is a key way of enhancing and optimising data handling in your organisation.

Fibre optics utilise glass or plastic optical fibres to transmit your data efficiently, accurately and securely at speed. It is an ideal solution for bespoke design of internal and Internet-based networking and offers unparalleled flexibility if you require custom networking for your operation.

Fibre optic installation in London is an increasingly cost-effective way to upgrade from the traditional copper cabling and a prudent investment for future-proofing your business for years to come. The glass and plastic fibres are resistant to EM interference from heavy machinery or specialist equipment. Fibre optics can handle far greater bandwidths of data transfer and greater speeds, keeping your business competitive.

As increasing numbers of businesses turn to cloud-based computing and data storage as fibre optic network installations in London offer security, symmetry (equivalent upload and download speeds) and great signal strength for wireless networking. For teleconferencing and video conferencing in HD, fibre optic network installation London based can make all the difference.

For fibre optic network installation London residents can count on, contact Comm-si Networks Ltd.