The Agent 200 Binaural Headset combines the best of the Agent 100 and Agent 400 headset models. The light and comfortable build is reminiscent of the Agent 100 while the dual earpieces allows increased focus on the task at hand. As with all the Agent headsets, the noise cancelling feature improves the sound quality of a call and the usability of the Agent 200 is boosted by the inclusion of an adjustable headband, a quick release mechanism, a flexible microphone boom and acoustic shock protection.
Medium use call centre headset
Two earpieces for the noisy office environment
Superb sound quality
Noise cancelling microphone as standard
Quick disconnect
Adjustable headband
Flexible microphone boom
Clothing clipSupplied with leatherette ear cushions
2 year repair/replace warranty
CE approved
This product may require a bottom cable/cord – please contact us for details.

Total Price: £37.90 (Excluding VAT at 20%)