Call Centre Quality

The Agent 400 Binaural Headset is designed for the “headset dependant” user who will need to use their headset for at least 6 hours a day. The superb sound quality of this headset is combined with a robust build quality and a range of features that include an adjustable headband, a flexible microphone boom, a quick disconnect function and a clothing clip. Acoustic shock protection has also incorporated into this headset. The Agent 400 headset comes with a foam ear cushion and a 2 year repair/replace warranty and is CE approved.
Heavy duty call centre headset
Two earpieces for the noisy office environment
Superb sound quality
Robust quality construction
Noise cancelling microphone as standard
Quick disconnect
Adjustable headband
Flexible microphone boom
Clothing clip
Supplied with foam ear cushions
2 year repair/replace warranty
CE approved
This product may require a bottom cable/cord – please contact us for details.

Total Price: £43.48 (Excluding VAT at 20%)