“Supports VDSL, ADSL, 3G and Ethernet-based Broadband”
” Supports either VDSL or ADSL, ideal if you have ADSL
now and might get VDSL later
” VDSL with compatible BT Infinity™
” 3-WAN Simultaneous : VDSL/ADSL, Ethernet and 3G(USB)
” IPv6 Ready – See below for feature support
” High performance – up to 200Mb/s firewall throughput
” 802.11n Wireless LAN (Vigor2860n)
” DrayTek Firewall with huge flexibility
” 6-Port Gigabit Ethernet LAN Switch
” Temperature Monitoring (optional Thermometer)
” Wireless Guest Portal
” Multiple Private LAN Subnets
” SMS (Text Message) Alert
” VLANs (Port or 802.1q based)
” IGMP v3 MultiCast
” Includes SmartMonitor software
” Content Filtering (by keyword, data type or category)
” Ethernet and WiFi VLANs (common/distinct groups)
” LDAP Integration for VPN and user access
” QoS (Layer 2&3, 802.1p & TOS/DCSP)
” Up to 32 VPN tunnels for LAN-to-LAN or teleworkers
” VPN Trunk/Backup to remote sites
” SSL VPN – Tunnel or Proxy (5 users)
” USB Port for Printer, Logs or 3G Modem
” Optional VigorCare Available

User Manual