•8-Port PoE / PoE+ Ethernet Switch
•All Gigabit (1000Mb/s) Switch Ports (New!)
•All-ports full power PoE
•Ports 1-4 also support extended PoE+ (New!)
•150 Watts total PoE Power budget
•Quality Internal PSU (mains powered)
•Fanless (Silent) Operation
•11″ Metal Case
•Rack-mountable (brackets included)
The DrayTek VigorSwitch P-1090 Gigabit Ethernet switch is an 8-port device providing all ports with full-power PoE and four of them with extended power PoE+ (802.3at). PoE is ideal for any PoE-enabled devices, including:
•IP telephones (for example as part of an IP PBX)
•Wireless access points
•IP Cameras (Network cameras)
•Any other device supporting PoE (802.3af / 802.3at)

All 8 ports are full speed Gigabit (1000Mb/s) Ethernet; as well as ensuring that your wired Ethernet devices get maximum speed, Gigabit on PoE is is particularly useful on a network where your PoE devices are providing Gigabit devices to a secondary device, for example IP phone to desktop PC using their loop/passthrough support if it supports Gigabit Ethernet. Of course, regular, non-PoE devices can connect to the switch so will also still take advantage of the Gigabit speed so ideal for a mixed environment. Its predecessor (VigorSwitch P1080) was only 10/100BaseT and only standard PoE. The P1090 also now includes the rack mounting bracket/kit as standard. The units (P1080 vs. P1090) are otherwise identical in features.

Total Price: £169.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)