Cat6a data cabling

What is Cat6A Data cabling

Ratified in 2008, Cat6a data cabling has corresponding ClassEA standards. A Cat6a cabling system is a higher specification than Cat6 and designed to meet all of the requirements of the 10GBaseT Ethernet over the full 100 metre.

4 connector channel, has additional and tighter twists, with additional insulation to reduce crosstalk.

Reduces EMI/RFI – Beneficial for Industrial & Healthcare networks.

Cat6a is backwards compatible with Cat6 and Cat5e.

CAT6A network cable is available in unshielded (UTP) or shielded (F/UTP) versions. Shielded, while it has its benefits in environments with a high risk of electromagnetic interference, depends on the correct earthing of the cabinet.

But F/UTP cable is generally more expensive than UTP. We will recommend the best solution for every installation and business needs.

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