Wifi Installations

For small businesses and home offices we offer a range of Wifi solutions to meet the needs of any size organisation. Our core installation services include installing Access Points, Wireless Controllers, Routers, VLANs and Firewalls, as well as configuring the network to ensure maximum security, reliability and performance. We also provide bespoke and tailored packages in order to meet your specific requirements.

For larger businesses, our experienced engineers can install and manage a secure and reliable Wifi network throughout the building or premises, allowing your organisation to have access to a fast, secure and reliable network. We can also setup site-to-site connectivity for multi-site locations, and provide customised guest access networks.

No matter the size or budget, we will work with you to identify and provide the best solution for your business. Our knowledgeable team of experts and engineers are available to provide support and advice throughout the installation and set up process.

Site surveys

Conducting wireless surveys using Ekaha heatmap and analyzer , preparing the best solutions and working within a budget and time frame, Comm-si networks will find a wifi system which is both suitable and effective for you.

Increasing download speeds and black spot areas using enterprise wifi access points with Cat6 ethernet cabling to get the best wifi throughout your building.

WiFi Installations

We install a vast range of Enterprise Wi-Fi Access Points in the weaker Wi-Fi areas of your building to boost, extend and increase the coverage or range of your Wi-Fi Signals.

Project manage and design your wifi installation.

The introduction and expansion of Super High Speed & Fibre Optic Broadband Internet. Now allow’s you to simultaneous use of your super-fast Wi-Fi  connection anywhere in your office or building. This will not just eliminate any poor Wireless Coverage issues, but increase your download speeds throughout the building.

Unifi solutions

Unifi access ponits and network controller

Cost effective wifi

Secure and roaming solutions

Free quote and wifi site surveys

coverage and capacity of your office or home.

Unifi controller software and AP firmware updates

Home Wi-Fi Installation Service – Wireless Networks

Wi-Fi is now very much part of our daily lives. In today’s smart home, many of our devices such as computers, tablets, gaming consoles, smartphones, TVs and even our energy meters work on a wireless or Wi-Fi access point connection.

If the Wi-Fi router is not in the correct location, it may not be strong enough to provide a good Wi-Fi signal for the numerous smart devices in the property.

Home worker or have a large property, we can supply you with a bespoke wireless solution tailored to your specific needs.

After an initial consultation and site survey to identify the best locations for your Wireless Access Points (AP) our qualified Wi-Fi engineers will then fit all the equipment at a time that suits you

If you consistently experience weak Wi-Fi signals and black spots on your existing wireless network at your business premises or home office. Please contact our Wi-Fi specialist engineers.