Hosted phone systems

Hosted phone systems

Comm-si networks hosted phone systems using VoIP, now allows all the telephony functionality. This is hosted in the cloud, in a multi-site environment.

Furthermore, as mobile telephony also moves to IP and is provided over ‘smart’ devices. Mobile VoIP allows a high level of integration between a company’s mobile service and its office. Many new features, with large cost savings on mobile telephony.

Hosted Platforms

 Services are delivered by Comm-si networks via the Porta One platform.

A carrier grade (Class 4 and 5) switch, that delivers enterprise level scalability and resilience.

Delivering real time call data and reporting capabilities, providing a compelling hosted voice proposition.

Wide range of Yealink phone bundles, that include handset, licence, portal access and 4000 UK minutes.

hosted phone systems

Our hosted Platform delivers a feature rich web portal. Combined with Yealink handsets and call bundle options.

hosted prices

Standard Licence Features

  • Licence allocated on a per extension basis.
  • Access to smartphone app with improved call quality and power management (bundled licences only).
  • Wide range of call management features including hunt groups, IVR set-up and out of hours settings.
  • Directory integration for shared address books on Yealink handsets.
  • Review Live CDRs for all call activity.
  • 59 day call recording.
  • Self-serve portal that can be accessed by you.
  • UK wide virtual number options.
  • Fax to email.
  • Music on hold options.
  • Hunt group Extension Summary with busy lamp field visibility.
  • Wallboard Lite with basic call statistics.

Fraud detection and alerts

Traffic patterns and concurrent call volumes are constantly monitored. Warnings of any suspicious calls will be alerted to you and our team. Any persistent call activity will be remediated if necessary.

SIP trunks: (Session Initiation Protocol), is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Generally, replaces analogue or ISDN lines. Benefits of SIP trunks over traditional lines are cost reduction & flexibility.

Advantages of Voip

Single ADSL link can carry several calls- reducing line rental costs.
A SIP trunk is cheaper than individual lines or ISDN channels.
Voip SIP trunks offer the opportunity to migrate, virtualise & keep existing numbers (from original lines). Ideal for a company who is moving outside their current local exchange.

Numbers in any geographic region can be added, giving the appearance of a local business.
‘Line and call quality?’ Only customers whose exchange supports voice appropriate ADSL are offered a fully SIP driven service. Regarding Business continuity management we would advise provisioning according to your individual needs.

SIP line rental

Monthly Rental SIP Trunk £7.00 + vat Per Channel (Includes 5000 minutes to 01,02,03 and UK Mobile) per channel

Number Porting setup £12.00 Per Number

Non Geographic Number Import £50 per number,  13p per SIP number.

DDI per number (geographic or non-geographic number)

Monthly rental